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We bring people together

We gather them around the common goal of making the world of entertainment a better, safe and fun place and get them to communicate in formal and informal ways in a diverse and inclusive work environment. We do it by adapting ourselves to their needs and purposes, while they fit into our culture adding value to the business. It’s not a job. It’s a way of being.

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Some of our benefits

Flexible Ways of Working
Up to 30 days of Annual Leave
Health insurance for employee, spouse and children
CSR - 2 social days allowance
Training and Certification
Internal International Opportunities (between Porto, London, Dublin, Cluj, Malta)

What do our colleagues think?

  • Cristina Perfeito - Project Manager

    Adaptable, relaxed working environment which encourages personal and professional balance. Blip offers creative learning experiences with autonomous freedom. As Project Manager I’m challenged and inspired on a daily basis to achieve my goals and develop my skills in a supportive setting.

  • Virginie Pinheiro - Product Owner

    At Blip, I get to work with very talented teams that promote collaboration with a very enthusiastic work environment. We have a good work-life balance and the opportunity to work with amazing people from different cultures! We serve millions of customers with our products worldwide and we face new and exciting challenges every day, turning them into opportunities to learn and improve. There's a true appreciation that connects the team’s efforts back to a grand vision and mission that builds a strong company culture.

  • Salvador Correia - Delivery Manager

    In Blip I could find a true a sense of purpose and how to be challenged everyday with an infinite mentality that makes me want to focus in the technology and the people I work with. At Blip I’m proud to say I work on my second home.

  • Nelson Rocha - Senior Frontend Developer

    Where ambitious, intellectually challenging, highly collaborative work meets relaxed, friendly and thoughtful environment that fosters the best in us.

  • Eduardo Ribeiro - Senior Frontend Developer

    Work at Blip is a huge pleasure: it allowed me to grow up as a professional, since Blip allowed me to participate in several projects, with different roles, such as Tests Automation, Back-End developer and Front-End developer.On all of those projects, I've always felt that I was not alone because share ideas and doubts between co-workers are part of company culture.Another thing that makes me truly happy on Blip is the work-life balance that I've achieved.

  • Catarina Correira - Android Developer

    At Blip we strive for the quality of delivery. We always have this in mind in our development, delivery and integration process, as well as in the planning of our daily work. We allocate work time to continuous improvement, which gives us the opportunity to explore the best practices and learn constantly. In addition to all technical and procedural part of development, I feel that my personal development is always considered, having an individual growth plan according to my needs and aspirations

Culture pillars

Customer Obsessed

Building deep customer loyalty through creating meaningful interactions.

Openly Curious

Challenging ourselves to think differently, experimenting to find new and disruptive ways to solve problems.

Outcome Focused

Being determined to solve the customer needs, holding each other to high standards and never settling for mediocrity.

Some of our awards


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